Our organisation Enterprise and Parliamentary Dialogue International has the main aim of promoting policy dialogue with a strong focus on encouraging transparency, democracy, the rule of law and stronger economies across a variety of regions.

Enterprise and parliamentary Dialogue International provides nationally owned, neutral Centres understanding between business and legislators, resulting in effective economic legislation for the public benefit. We offer a unique set of benefits to global companies and funders committed to capacity building and to better business interaction with the legislative and political institutions in the countries in which they operate.

This in turn translates into growing understanding between business and legislators and leads to the creation of both sustainable democracies and sustainable business. Dialogue Centres are not simple facilitators of dialogue; they are uniquely positioned to guarantee the integrity and efficacy of discussions, resulting in concrete legislative successes and improved parliamentary process.

Our work is something like a franchise, where expertise is shared with and delivered by nationals and the Dialogue Centre model is adapted to take account of national culture and circumstances, but with the integrity of the process supported internationally. The Dialogue Centre model is now working in a number of emerging democracies, including Armenia, Moldova and Georgia.